Prof. F. Wood Jones, F.R.S


    PBOF. FREDERIC WOOD JONES retired from the chair of anatomy in the University of Manchester last December. Manchester has had the good fortune to house two pre-eminent anatomists of the century, the late Sir Grafton Elliot Smith (1909-19) and F. Wood Jones (1938-45). The former left Manchester for University College, London ; and the latter has been appointed to the new Sir William H. Collins chair of anatomy at the Royal College of Surgeons. The Royal College is fortunate in obtaining the services of so travelled ancl so distinguished a follower of John Hunter to restore the Hunterian Collection which suffered so severely in the air raids on London. Moreover, Prof. Wood Jones maintains the broad biological interests which characterized John Hunter, to whom the animal and vegetable world were kin. As a traveller and scientific missionary he stands unique. He has taught in several London schools as well as at Manchester, and has held chairs in London, Adelaide, Hawaii, Pekin, Melbourne and Manchester. He has written classics in biology and anatomy. Every medical student knows his books on “The Hand” and “The Foot”, and every biologist knows his “Mammals of South Australia”. His association with Elliot Smith produced the “Archaeological Survey of Nubia”. Of recent years a stream of philosophical essays has come from his facile pen, and he has done much to keep the fundamental biological studies of John Hunter, Richard Owen and Lamarck before scientific workers.

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