The Chemistry of Natural Colouring Matters


THIS book will be warmly welcomed by all organic chemists who are interested in natural products. The colouring matters described are either of vegetable or animal origin, with the one exception of the organic mineral graebeite, a derivative of a polyhydroxy-anthraquinone. The word 'Organic' would an appropriate place in the main title of the book, and the subtitle would more accurately read "the Properties, Constitutions, and Syntheses of the Important Natural Pigments". There is naturally little discussion in the book on the biological relations of the colouring matters or of their mode of synthesis in Nature, as these are topics about which we possess extremely little knowledge.

The Chemistry of Natural Colouring Matters

The Constitutions, Properties and Biological Relations of the Important Natural Pigments. By Dr. Fritz Mayer. Translated and revised by Dr. A. H. Cook. (American Chemical Society, Monograph Series No. 89.) Pp. 354. (New York: Reinhold Publishing Corporation, 1943.) 10 dollars.


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