Swelling Pressure of Rubber


MEASUREMENTS of the swelling pressure of rubber (Stamberger and Blow, Koll. Zeitschr., 53, 90; 1930) lead to the conclusion that the swelling pressure results from the attraction of solvent molecules by the molecules of gel. A simple formula expressing the variation of molecular force of attraction with dilution, P = K/V2, has been applied and gives satisfactory results. In the present case P is the swelling pressure (MLT2), V is the volume of solvent bound to unit weight of jelly (L3), K is a constant the meaning of which is obtained by substituting P = K/V2 in the maximum work term dA = PdV.

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STAMBERGER, P. Swelling Pressure of Rubber. Nature 127, 274 (1931). https://doi.org/10.1038/127274b0

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