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    THE Prince of Wales has promised to visit University College, Cardiff, on May 21, for the purpose of opening the new laboratories of physics and chemistry, which together form the north wing of the new buildings in Cathays Park, the civic centre of the city. The group of public buildings in this quarter form an ensemble which is said to be unique in Great Britain. To keep an honourable place in such an architectural constellation has taxed the resources of the College heavily, but the result of the effort has been duly gratifying. Altogether, the cost of the new wing amounts to £220,000, of which some £15000 is still outstanding. It comprises laboratory accommodation of the most modern type and on a scale suitable to the needs of the large population of the district. The Council of the College having recognised that advances in technology are essential to the welfare of South Wales and that such advances can only rest on a basis of research in physics and chemistry, these two departments were given priority in the programme of development. The completion of this stage will, it is hoped, clear the way for further advances. The Prince of Wales will also inspect the new Advisory Department of Agriculture, which forms an addition to the south side of the College buildings.

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