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    THE Gold Medal of the African Society is awarded for pre-eminant services rendered to Africa. So far, only five have received it. The first was the late Sir Johnston, who as explorer, administrator zoologist, and writer left a deep mark upon the continent. For some years he was the president of the African Society. The second recipient was Sir Alfred Sharpe, who did splendid work as explorer and administrator in Nyasaland and Northern Rhodesia. The medal was next given to Sir Frederick Lugard, in recognition of his great achievements in both East and West Africa. Since his retirement from the Governorship of Nigeria, Sir Frederick continues to serve Africa as a member of many important committees, as chairman of the Executive Council of the International Institute of African Languages and Cultures, and as member of the Mandates Commission of the League of Nations. Sir Reginald Wingate, Bart., received the medal in acknowledgment of his great career in the Sudan. Now the medal has been given most fitly to Sir Ronald Ross. By this act the African Society pays homage, not only to Sir Ronald personally, but also to all who by their researches into the problems of health in the tropics have wrought such beneficent changes in the conditions of life in Africa.

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