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    PROVISIONAL announcements are now available of a number of free public lectures and short courses by eminent men of science and other scholars, to be given at various colleges of the University of London. Lectures at King's College include three by Prof. A. S. Eddington on the constitution and evolution of the stars, commencing February 22; two by Prof. R. Ruggles Gates on vegetation on the Amazon, commencing February 19; and five by Dr. F. A. P. Aveling on the human will, commencing January 18. At University College, Prof. W. H. Lang is to deliver three lectures on the morphology of the Vascular Cryptogams, commencing March 1, at 5.15 P.M.; Dr. C. M. Ariens Kappers, four on the evolution of the nervous system, commencing March 9; Mr. M. H. Krishna, eight on Indian archaeology and anthro pology, commencing January 18; Miss M. A. Murray, two on Egyptian architecture and primitive cults in ancient Egypt, commencing January 26; Dr. R. W. Lunt, six on the chemistry of ionisation by collision, commencing February 1; Dr. E. G. Richardson, three on the acoustics of buildings, commencing January 19; and Dr. Geoffrey Martin, one lecture on the theory of fine grinding, on February 12, at 5 P.M. Lectures at the London School of Economics include one by Dr. B. Malinowski on the aims of social anthropology, on February 18, at 5 P.M. Except where otherwise stated, the lectures begin at 5.30 P.M.

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