Who Giveth Us the Victory


    THIS little book is a vivid expression of optimistic theism. It has a strong note personnel and an interesting individuality. It is keenly evolutionist and as keenly religious, seeing in all the long processes of becoming the working out of an increasing purpose. It uses Prof. L. J. Henderson's “Fitness of the Environment” in a modernised argument for design. The building stones of the world were all thought out. Water reveals a teleological secret. “Man came into the world to find his house already furnished, his environment exactly what it should be, the necessities of his existence finding their unfailing response in the conditions established through countless ages past.” Evolution is not a chapter of accidents, but the unfolding of a great thought.

    Who Giveth Us the Victory.

    By Arthur Mee. Pp. 191. (London: George Allen and Unwin, Ltd., 1918.) Price 5s. net.

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