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The Development of Technical Research

Nature volume 101, pages 206207 (16 May 1918) | Download Citation



WITHIN the last year there has been an important movement in Germany having for its object the better application of scientific research to technical problems. It is well known that the same question has received earnest consideration in this country, and that a serious attempt has been made. to attack it by the appointment in 1915 of the Committee of the Privy Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. The Committee consists, of course, of a number of important political personages, mainly distinguished for their lack of knowledge of both science and industry. It is, however, supplemented by a small Advisory Council, most of the members of which are eminent men of science. So far the Committee has done but little, though this fact is largely due to the difficulty of getting men to attend to anything other than the urgent national war work to which all our energies are being devoted for the moment. The Germans, on the other hand, have sought to attain their object by forming the “German Union of Technical Scientific Societies,” which is a combination of some thirteen associations interested in various branches of technology. The object is stated to be the establishment of a balance between science and practice, seeing that most technical tasks require the collaboration of several distinct branches of science.

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