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    PARIS. Academy of Sciences, January II.—M. A. Chatin in the chair.—The Secretary announced to the Academy the loss it had sustained in the death of Dr. Gould, Correspondant in the Section of Astronomy.—Notice on the scientific work of Benjamin Apthorp Gould, by M. Lewy.—Researches on the composition of French and foreign wheat, by MM. Aimé Girard and E. Fleurent.—Observations on the periodic Brooks' comet (1889v-1896c), and the comets of Giacobini (1896d), Brooks-Spéra (1896 e), Perrine (1896 f), and Perrine (1896 g), made with the longe equatorial of the Observatory of Bordeaux, by MM. G. Rayet, L. Picart, and F. Courty.—Remarks by M. Armand Gautier, on presenting to the Academy a copy of his work on normal and pathological biological chemistry.—Alimentary hygiene; red and white wine, by M. P. Carles.—Note on a project for crossing Central Europe by an aerostat, by MM. G. Besançon and E. Aimé.—The rarefaction of air in balloons, by M. O. Julien.—New nebulæ discovered at the Paris Observatory, by M. G. Bigourdan.—Observations on shooting stars of December 12, 1896, made at Athens, by M. D. Egenitis. —Remarks on the method of Gauss for the determination of the orbits of the small planets, by M. J. Perchot.—Distances of the solar system, by M. Delauney. — On the movement of a solid in an indefinite liquid, by M. R. Liouville.-Some remarks on a note by M. Delsol, entitled “On a thermic machine,” by M. H. Pellat.

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