Renewable energy


Renewable energy is energy that comes from sources that are readily replenishable on short-timescales. Examples of these are solar radiation, wind, and biomass.

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    Light-weight and stretchable, organic photovoltaics offer unique integration prospects. Now, organic solar cells and modules can also be washed while maintaining good photoconversion efficiencies.

    • Ning Li
    •  & Christoph J. Brabec
    Nature Energy 2, 772–773
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    Environmental heat sinks beyond local air are available for use with normal air conditioners to increase their efficiency. A study has exploited outer space and the atmosphere as remote sinks to demonstrate daytime sub-ambient fluid cooling and its application in reducing the energy needed to cool an interior.

    • Geoff Smith
    •  & Angus Gentle
    Nature Energy 2, 17142
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    Transition-metal dichalcogenides are appealing catalysts for H2 generation from water. They tend to rely on scarce edge sites, rather than the more abundant basal-plane sites, to drive catalysis. Now, guided by computation, H-TaS2 and H-NbS2 are proposed as highly basal-plane-active catalysts that improve with electrochemical cycling.

    • Danielle N. Chirdon
    •  & Yiying Wu
    Nature Energy 2, 17132