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    Multiple exciton generation, in which two electron–hole pairs are generated from the absorption of one high-energy photon, has been demonstrated to improve efficiency in quantum-dot-based solar cells. Now, a photoelectrochemical system using PbS quantum dots is shown to drive hydrogen evolution with external quantum efficiency over 100%.

    • Mikhail Zamkov
    Nature Energy 2, 17072
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    Organolead halide perovskite solar absorbers demonstrate high photovoltaic efficiencies but they are notorious for their intolerance to water. Now, methylammonium lead iodide perovskites are used to harvest solar energy — in water — via photocatalytic generation of hydrogen from solutions of hydriodic acid.

    • Peter C. K. Vesborg
    Nature Energy 2, 16205
  • Editorial |

    Using hydrogen as an energy carrier has long been discussed as a route to a greener future, and although headway has been less significant than many hoped, recent developments point to tangible progress.

    Nature Energy 1, 16127