Plant biotechnology

Plant biotechnology can be defined as the introduction of desirable traits into plants through genetic modification.


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    A new strategy based on a sophisticated and efficient system of modified pentatricopeptide repeat 10 proteins boost plastid transgene expression and the accumulation of foreign proteins by up to 40-fold.

    • Francis Quétier
    Nature Plants 5, 453-454
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    Adenine base editors (ABEs) and cytosine base editors (CBEs) are powerful tools for targeted base conversions, but their editing specificities are largely unknown. Now, two reports demonstrate that ABEs are highly specific, but BE3-type CBEs tend to generate genome-wide off-target single nucleotide variations.

    • Jintao Tang
    • , Letian Chen
    •  & Yao-Guang Liu
    Nature Plants 5, 341-342
  • Research Highlights |

    Two studies in Science show that cytosine base editors, but not adenine base editors or CRISPR–Cas9, induce notable off-target single-nucleotide variants in rice and in mouse embryos.

    • Katharine H. Wrighton