Natural hazards


Natural hazards are naturally occurring events that have a negative impact on people or the environment.


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  • News and Views |

    Large, intense thunderstorms frequently cause flooding and fatalities. Now, research finds that these storms may see a threefold increase in frequency and produce significantly heavier downpours in the future, far exceeding previous estimates.

    • Zhe Feng
  • Editorial |

    Natural disasters can devastate local communities. However, these rare events also often trigger new ways of thinking, and provide a treasure trove of data that must be used to reduce vulnerability.

  • News and Views |

    The Himalaya grow as India and Eurasia collide. Analyses of deformation during the 2015 Gorkha earthquake suggest that slip on small-scale splay faults, as well as motion during the interseismic period, help to create Earth's highest mountains.

    • Michael H. Taylor
    Nature Geoscience 9, 649–651
  • News and Views |

    Rockfall often seems to occur spontaneously without an obvious cause. Monitoring of a granitic cliff reveals that cyclical temperature variations can subtly act to slowly and incrementally damage hard rock until failure is inevitable.

    • Valentin S. Gischig
    Nature Geoscience 9, 344–345