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Latest Research

  • Perspective |

    This Perspective highlights the existence of gaps between the computational complexity and energy efficiency required for the continued scaling of deep neural networks and the hardware capacity actually available with current CMOS technology scaling, in situations where edge inference is required; it then discusses various architecture and algorithm innovations that could help to bridge these gaps.

    • Xiaowei Xu
    • , Yukun Ding
    • , Sharon Xiaobo Hu
    • , Michael Niemier
    • , Jason Cong
    • , Yu Hu
    •  & Yiyu Shi
  • Article |

    A hybrid system that combines a von Neumann machine with a computational memory unit can offer both the high precision of digital computing and the energy/areal efficiency of in-memory computing, which is illustrated by accurately solving a system of 5,000 equations using 998,752 phase-change memory devices.

    • Manuel Le Gallo
    • , Abu Sebastian
    • , Roland Mathis
    • , Matteo Manica
    • , Heiner Giefers
    • , Tomas Tuma
    • , Costas Bekas
    • , Alessandro Curioni
    •  & Evangelos Eleftheriou
  • Article |

    A special-purpose holography computing board, which uses eight large-scale field-programmable gate arrays, can be used to generate 108-pixel holograms that can be updated at a video frame rate.

    • Takashige Sugie
    • , Takanori Akamatsu
    • , Takashi Nishitsuji
    • , Ryuji Hirayama
    • , Nobuyuki Masuda
    • , Hirotaka Nakayama
    • , Yasuyuki Ichihashi
    • , Atsushi Shiraki
    • , Minoru Oikawa
    • , Naoki Takada
    • , Yutaka Endo
    • , Takashi Kakue
    • , Tomoyoshi Shimobaba
    •  & Tomoyoshi Ito
  • Article |

    DC-powered microwave amplifiers approach the quantum noise limit by using the interaction between microwave radiation and inelastic Cooper-pair tunnelling across a voltage-biased Josephson junction.

    • S. Jebari
    • , F. Blanchet
    • , A. Grimm
    • , D. Hazra
    • , R. Albert
    • , P. Joyez
    • , D. Vion
    • , D. Estève
    • , F. Portier
    •  & M. Hofheinz
  • Article |

    A substrate-free solution process can create large-area two-dimensional tellurium crystals, which can be used to build field-effect transistors that exhibit air-stable performance at room temperature for over two months and high on-state current densities of 1 A mm–1.

    • Yixiu Wang
    • , Gang Qiu
    • , Ruoxing Wang
    • , Shouyuan Huang
    • , Qingxiao Wang
    • , Yuanyue Liu
    • , Yuchen Du
    • , William A. Goddard III
    • , Moon J. Kim
    • , Xianfan Xu
    • , Peide D. Ye
    •  & Wenzhuo Wu

News & Comment

  • Editorial |

    As deep neural networks continue to improve and grow, innovations in hardware will be required in order to meet the increasing computational demands.

  • Reverse Engineering |

    An international collaboration between Philips and the Sony Corporation lead to the creation of the compact disc. Kees A. Schouhamer Immink explains how it came about.

    • Kees A. Schouhamer Immink
  • News & Views |

    An approach to computing that is fast, low-power and precise can be created by combining an analogue in-memory processor with a conventional digital processor.

    • C. David Wright
  • News & Views |

    A holography computing board that combines eight field-programmable gate arrays offers a scalable approach to generating holograms with a high frame rate.

    • Daping Chu

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