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Nature Electronics is an online-only journal that covers all areas of electronics and incorporates the work of scientists, engineers and industry. Our first issue will be published in January 2018.

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    Using field-effect transistors made from carbon nanotube films, five-stage ring oscillators can be fabricated that exhibit an oscillation frequency of up to 5.54 GHz.

    • Donglai Zhong
    • , Zhiyong Zhang
    • , Li Ding
    • , Jie Han
    • , Mengmeng Xiao
    • , Jia Si
    • , Lin Xu
    • , Chenguang Qiu
    •  & Lian-Mao Peng
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    Memristor crossbars with array sizes of up to 128 × 64 cells are capable of analogue vector-matrix multiplication and can be used for signal processing, image compression and convolutional filtering.

    • Can Li
    • , Miao Hu
    • , Yunning Li
    • , Hao Jiang
    • , Ning Ge
    • , Eric Montgomery
    • , Jiaming Zhang
    • , Wenhao Song
    • , Noraica Dávila
    • , Catherine E. Graves
    • , Zhiyong Li
    • , John Paul Strachan
    • , Peng Lin
    • , Zhongrui Wang
    • , Mark Barnell
    • , Qing Wu
    • , R. Stanley Williams
    • , J. Joshua Yang
    •  & Qiangfei Xia
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    The external and internal mechanical motion of a person can be directly modulated onto multiplexed radio-frequency signals using near-field coherent sensing, allowing vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure and respiration rate to be monitored without direct contact to the skin.

    • Xiaonan Hui
    •  & Edwin C. Kan

About the Journal

  • Nature Electronics will publish both fundamental and applied research across all areas of electronics, incorporating the work of scientists, engineers and industry. At its core, the journal will be concerned with the development of new technologies and understanding the impact of these developments on society.
  • Nature Electronics publishes original research as Articles. We also publish a range of other content types including Reviews, Perspectives, Comments, Correspondences, News & Views and Feature articles.
  • The Chief Editor of Nature Electronics is Owain Vaughan, who was previously an editor at Nature Nanotechnology and a strategy editor for Nature Research.
  • Editorial office, institutional access, advertising and marketing.