Transcriptomics is the study of the transcriptome—the complete set of RNA transcripts that are produced by the genome, under specific circumstances or in a specific cell—using high-throughput methods, such as microarray analysis. Comparison of transcriptomes allows the identification of genes that are differentially expressed in distinct cell populations, or in response to different treatments.

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    Assi et al. have generated multi-omics data on leukaemic blasts from acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) patients with defined genetic alterations. These data provide a comprehensive overview of the specific transcriptional and signalling networks in certain AML subtypes.

    • Katharine H. Wrighton
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    A study in Nature Medicine reports the DNA methylome and transcriptome of an individual, and suggests that changes in the methylome and transcriptome might be associated with chronic and acute health conditions, respectively.

    • Katharine H. Wrighton
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    RNA sequencing of thousands of single cells located at the interface between mother and fetus in early pregnancy reveals remarkable complexity in the cell types and regulatory networks that support reproduction.

    • Sumati Rajagopalan
    •  & Eric O. Long
    Nature 563, 337-338