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Techniques and instrumentation refers to the development of methods and tools to be used in applied physics, materials science or nanotechnology for design, synthesis, manufacturing, imaging or analytics.


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    Single crystals and thin films of metal–organic frameworks can now be directly patterned by lithography down to the sub-50-nm scale, enabling straightforward integration in solid-state devices.

    • Marco Faustini
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    The assembly of the more than a million single parts of the ITER tokamak requires large-scale three-dimensional precision metrology. John Villanueva Jr gives us insights into the complexity of this project.

    • John Villanueva Jr
    Nature Physics 16, 1080
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    Advanced research microscopes in universities can be used to enhance the education of STEM students, as demonstrated by initiatives at Johns Hopkins University that give students the opportunity to get hands-on experience with sophisticated microscopes.

    • Suhas Eswarappa Prameela
    • , Patricia M. McGuiggan
    • , Amy Brusini
    • , Trevor W. Glenn
    •  & Timothy P. Weihs
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    A monocentric lens and a sensitive hemispherical imager can be combined to create a miniaturized camera that offers a field of view of 120°, deep depth of field and minimal optical aberration.

    • Zhenqiang Ma
    Nature Electronics 3, 510-511