Molecular biology

Molecular Biology is the field of biology that studies the composition, structure and interactions of cellular molecules – such as nucleic acids and proteins – that carry out the biological processes essential for the cell’s functions and maintenance.


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    Using an interdisciplinary approach, hydrogen-peroxide-induced phase separation in the intrinsically disordered regions of the TERMINATING FLOWER transcription factor proteins was shown to regulate the shoot apical meristem through repression of the floral identity gene called ANANTHA.

    • Christine H. Foyer
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    A report in Molecular Cell describes short capped RNA sequencing (scaRNA-seq), which is used to show that, in differentiating cells, enhancers predominantly regulate gene expression by modulating transcription initiation, and not pause release as previously supposed.

    • Dorothy Clyde
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    A recent study in Nature presents a method that integrates data from chromosome imaging, nuclear bodies and chromatin states to build a picture of the nuclear layout at the single-cell level.

    • Ingrid Knarston
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    A study reveals that a process called loop extrusion, which is central to the folding and function of chromosomes, also seems to play a key part in the repair of double-strand DNA breaks.

    • Leonid A. Mirny
    Nature 590, 554-555