Metabolomics refers to the systematic identification and quantification of the small molecule metabolic products (the metabolome) of a biological system (cell, tissue, organ, biological fluid, or organism) at a specific point in time. Mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy are the techniques most often used for metabolome profiling.


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    Lactate build up in the tumour microenvironments is thought to dampen anti-tumour immunity, but in vitro pre-conditioning T cells with lactate enhances anti-tumour activity in vivo in pre-clinical mouse models.

    • Ju Hee Oh
    • , Anne-Sophie Archambault
    •  & Ramon I. Klein Geltink
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    Metabolomics is on the precipice of transforming from a research tool into a powerful clinical platform to improve precision medicine. However, metabolomics methods need to be validated in clinical research to enable rapid translation of research results into clinical tests.

    • Jennifer A. Kirwan
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    Many scientists are active on social media, especially Twitter. The social media world is changing, but these researchers want to stay socially connected.

    • Vivien Marx
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    Pancreatic ductal carcinoma exists within a heterogenous and complex microenvironment that imposes austere conditions with limited nutrient availability. Clonally separable neoplastic cell populations are now shown to segregate into two distinct metabolic configurations, facilitating symbiotic intratumoral crosstalk to support survival and growth.

    • Dylan Gerard Ryan
    •  & Christian Frezza
    Nature Cancer 3, 1277-1278