Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with moving machines and their components. A central principle of mechanical engineering is the control of energy: transferring it from one form to another to suit a specific demand. Car engines, for example, convert chemical energy into kinetic energy.

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  • Editorial |

    As artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning are high on the agenda everywhere, Nature Machine Intelligence launches to stimulate collaborations between different disciplines.

  • Comments and Opinion |

    Modern physics edged mechanics out into the wilds of engineering. But multidisciplinary interest in pattern formation has moved it back into the mainstream, bringing with it interest from other fields — as this summer’s Solvay Workshop demonstrated.

    • Pedro M. Reis
    • , Fabian Brau
    •  & Pascal Damman
    Nature Physics 14, 1150-1151
  • News and Views |

    A graphite and hexagonal boron nitride heterojunction enables superlubric sliding, almost independent of alignment orientation, in micrometre-sized contacts under ‘real-life’ working conditions.

    • J. G. Vilhena
    •  & Rubén Pérez
    Nature Materials 17, 852-854