Immunology is the branch of biomedical sciences concerned with all aspects of the immune system in all multicellular organisms.


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    Host-directed therapy (HDT) aims to interfere with host cell factors that are required by a pathogen for replication or persistence. In this Review, Kaufmann et al. describe recent progress in the development of HDTs for the treatment of viral and bacterial infections and the challenges in bringing these approaches to the clinic.

    • Stefan H. E. Kaufmann
    • , Anca Dorhoi
    • , Richard S. Hotchkiss
    •  & Ralf Bartenschlager
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    Children with severe malnutrition (which includes severe wasting and kwashiorkor) have an elevated risk of serious illness and death, primarily from acute infectious diseases. In this Primer, the authors describe the multifactorial aetiology of severe malnutrition and the efforts needed to meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal of zero hunger.

    • Zulfiqar A. Bhutta
    • , James A. Berkley
    • , Robert H. J. Bandsma
    • , Marko Kerac
    • , Indi Trehan
    •  & André Briend
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    Several metabolic factors affect cellular glucose metabolism as well as the innate inflammatory response. Here, the authors show that glucose metabolism regulates pro-inflammatory responses through effects on the cytosolic NADH:NAD+ ratio and the NAD(H)-sensitive transcription co-repressor CtBP.

    • Yiguo Shen
    • , David Kapfhamer
    • , Angela M. Minnella
    • , Ji-Eun Kim
    • , Seok Joon Won
    • , Yanting Chen
    • , Yong Huang
    • , Ley Hian Low
    • , Stephen M. Massa
    •  & Raymond A. Swanson
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    Zika virus infection can result in congenital disorders and cause disease in adults, and there is currently no approved vaccine. Here Shan et al. show that a single dose of a live-attenuated Zika vaccine prevents infection, testis damage and transmission to the fetus during pregnancy in different animal models.

    • Chao Shan
    • , Antonio E. Muruato
    • , Brett W. Jagger
    • , Justin Richner
    • , Bruno T. D. Nunes
    • , Daniele B. A. Medeiros
    • , Xuping Xie
    • , Jannyce G. C. Nunes
    • , Kaitlyn M. Morabito
    • , Wing-Pui Kong
    • , Theodore C. Pierson
    • , Alan D. Barrett
    • , Scott C. Weaver
    • , Shannan L. Rossi
    • , Pedro F. C. Vasconcelos
    • , Barney S. Graham
    • , Michael S. Diamond
    •  & Pei-Yong Shi
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    Patients who are obese and also consume excess alcohol are at increased risk of liver-related disease. In this Review, Parker and colleagues discuss how alcohol and obesity affect adipose tissue function, and describe the importance of the adipose-tissue–liver axis in liver disease pathogenesis and outcomes.

    • Richard Parker
    • , Seung-Jin Kim
    •  & Bin Gao

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