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    The normal operation of Li metal batteries is limited to near room temperature and moderate current rates. Now, a self-assembled electrochemically active monolayer is shown to enable the stable operation of Li metal batteries below –15 oC and at a fast-charging time of 45 minutes.

    • Sheng S. Zhang
    Nature Energy 5, 496-497
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    A new electrolyte gating technique probes the dynamics of the electrical double layer at the electrode–electrolyte interface. The experiments reveal an ion nanoconfinement effect that may help to explain supercapacitor charging mechanisms.

    • John M. Griffin
    Nature Nanotechnology 15, 628-629
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    The electrolyte is the weak link when it comes to intrinsic issues of Li metal batteries such as instability of the Li metal interface. Now, a liquid electrolyte consisting of one molecular-designed solvent and one common salt is formulated leading to exceptional high-performance batteries.

    • Claire Villevieille
    Nature Energy 5, 498-499