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Computer science is the study and development of the protocols required for automated processing and manipulation of data. This includes, for example, creating algorithms for efficiently searching large volumes of information or encrypting data so that it can be stored and transmitted securely.


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    Neuromorphic engineering attempts to create brain-like computing hardware and has helped reawaken interest in computer chip start-ups. But is the technology ready for mainstream application?

    • Sunny Bains
    Nature Electronics 3, 348-351
  • Editorial |

    AI tools used in society often enhance inequality, affecting Black lives disproportionally. Addressing this issue will require more than technological solutions. Researchers and experts in the field are overwhelmingly white and need to engage and listen to those experiencing the harm.

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    An important task in system biology is to understand cellular processes through the lens of gene sets and their expression patterns. Machine learning can help, but genes form complex interaction networks, and levarging this information in machine learning applications requires a sophisticated data representation.

    • Jan Hoinka
    •  & Teresa M. Przytycka