Cell biology


Cell biology is the discipline of biological sciences that studies the structure, physiology, growth, reproduction and death of cells. Research in cell biology uses microscopic and molecular tools and examines all cell types, from unicellular organisms such as protozoa to the specialised cells that consitutute multicellular organisms.


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    As pluripotent stem cells become primed to give rise to all bodily cell types, they begin to form the amniotic cavity in which the mammalian fetus will grow. A checkpoint that gates this transition has now been identified.

    • Julien G. Dumortier
    •  & Jean-Léon Maître
    Nature 552, 178–179
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    The way in which chromosomes come together within a single nucleus after cell division has now been shown to involve a small DNA-binding protein named BAF, which might help to join chromosomes with one another.

    • Tejas Dharmaraj
    •  & Katherine L. Wilson
    Nature 551, 568–569

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