Adult neurogenesis

Adult neurogenesis is the formation of functional, mature neurons from neural stem cells in specific brain regions in adults. In these regions, new neurons are generated throughout life and integrated into established neuronal circuits.

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    Postmortem studies have previously suggested that adult olfactory neurogenesis occurs in humans. In new research, Durante and colleagues obtained fresh tissue from healthy adult humans via endoscopic nasal surgery and used single-cell RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) to identify the entire neurogenic trajectory in the olfactory epithelium, confirming the existence of human olfactory neurogenesis.

    • Thomas Berger
    • , Hyunah Lee
    •  & Sandrine Thuret
    Nature Neuroscience 23, 297-298
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    Tangential expansion of neural stem cells in the mammalian neocortex increases the number of cortical columns. A new study shows that neural stem cells that become detached from the apical surface during division regenerate an apical endfoot to ensure tangential expansion in the early stage but later lose this ability when radial expansion occurs.

    • Masafumi Tsuboi
    •  & Yukiko Gotoh
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    Improved protocols for the visualization of immature neurons in the human brain provide evidence for generation of neurons in the adult hippocampus and uncover reduced neurogenesis in Alzheimer’s disease.

    • Embla Steiner
    • , Mathew Tata
    •  & Jonas Frisén
    Nature Medicine 25, 542-543
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    Twenty years ago, 2 studies showed that behavioral experience affects proliferation & survival of newborn neurons in adult hippocampus, suggesting adult neurogenesis as a form of experience-dependent neuroplasticity relevant to memory, emotion, & mental health.

    • Michael R. Drew
    •  & Christine A. Denny
    Nature Neuroscience 21, 1141-1142