Research Highlights

Selections from the scientific literature by Nature's news team

Image of NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter taken by the Perseverance rover.

Carbon-fibre composites, which have been used on spacecraft such as the Mars helicopter Ingenuity, could be shielded from space radiation by a polymer-carbon coating. Credit: NASA/JPL-CALTECH/LANL/CNES/CNRS/SPL

Materials science

A gem of a material could provide a shield for spacecraft

Material that includes carbon with the same structure as diamond could be used to protect satellites from space radiation.
Speculative illustration of a brown dwarf side-lit by a nearby star.

A brown dwarf (artist’s impression). A newfound cosmic body sits squarely on the boundary between a large planet and a brown dwarf. Walter Myers/SPL

Astronomy and astrophysics

Planet or failed star? A mysterious object blurs the line

A body classified as an exoplanet has been shown to nurture thermonuclear fusion of heavy hydrogen — a trait of objects called brown dwarfs.
Female adult deer mouse nursing her young

North American deer mouse pups have been found to ‘cry’ in squeaks during their first nine days of life. Credit: Bob Gurr/All Canada Photos/Alamy

Animal behaviour

These baby mice bawl loudly — and Mum rushes over

Very young deer mice make squeaks audible to the human ear as well as ultrasound calls similar to those made by house mouse pups.
Close-up of packages of Acetaminophen displayed on a shelf in a pharmacy .

A federal mandate cutting the dosage of the drug paracetamol (acetaminophen) in some painkillers has been linked with falling rates of liver problems. Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty

Public health

Liver failure cases fall after US clampdown on paracetamol

The number of acute liver injuries tied to paracetamol—opioid painkillers fell after a US mandate to limit pills’ active ingredients.