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Online Manuscript Review

We strongly encourage referees to submit their comments via our online submission system by following the link provided in the editor's email.

For help with this system contact the helpdesk.

About the Journal

The Nature Reviews clinical journals commission leaders in the field to write clinical content of the highest quality, authority and accessibility. Content is subject to rigorous review by our in-house editors and/or peer-review, and counsel is provided by the Editors-in-Chief and an international Advisory Boards to ensure comprehensive coverage of topical issues.

Criteria for Publication

To be published in Nature Reviews clinical content must meet the following criteria:

  • Timely, accurate and balanced
  • Important to practicing doctors, researchers and academics in the subspecialty
  • Interesting and accessible to practicing doctors, researchers and academics in wider specialties


We ask referees to treat the review process as strictly confidential, and not to discuss the manuscript with anyone not directly involved in this process. It is acceptable to consult with colleagues but they should be identified to the editors beforehand.


Nature Reviews journals are committed to rapid editorial decisions and timely publication, and we believe that an efficient editorial process is a valuable service both to our authors and to the readers. We ask, therefore, that referees respond to invitations to review at their earliest convenience and return their comments promptly (normally within 10–14 days of receiving your link to the manuscript). If a delay is anticipated, we ask that referees inform the editors straightaway, so we can keep authors informed and, if necessary, find alternative referees.


We do not release referees' identities to authors or to other referees, except when referees grant permission to be identified.

Competing Interests

In the interests of transparency, the Nature Reviews journals have a competing interest policy that applies to authors, editors and referees. A detailed explanation of why this policy has been adopted can be found here. Referees are requested to alert editors in cases where they perceive a conflict of interest, financial or otherwise. Competing interests do not necessarily disqualify a referee from evaluating a paper. The editors will consider whether the case warrants exclusion of a referee, and will take statements into account when weighing referees' recommendations.