About the Editors

Chief Editor: Kim Baumann, Ph.D. ORCiD

Kim Baumann carried out her Ph.D. and postdoctoral research at the John Innes Centre in Norwich, UK. She first studied the molecular mechanisms underlying changes in plant cell shape in the laboratories of Cathie Martin and Keith Roberts. She then pursued her interest in plant development in Desmond Bradley's group, working on genes that regulate the transition from vegetative growth to flowering. Before moving into science publishing, she contributed to the setting up of the Sainsbury Laboratory in Cambridge, UK. Kim joined the Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology team in 2009 after two years as the Editor of the Cell Migration Gateway. She has been Chief Editor since 2016.
Kim is primarily responsible for the areas of stem cells and developmental biology, cell growth and division, ubiquitin signalling, protein structure and metabolism, as well as plant cell biology.
Kim is based in the London office, UK.

Senior Editor: Eytan Zlotorynski, Ph.D. ORCiD

Eytan obtained a Ph.D. in Genetics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, studying the molecular basis of common fragile sites in the human genome, under the guidance of Professor Batsheva Kerem. He then moved to the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam, to work as a Research Fellow with Professor Reuven Agami. His research focused on discovering microRNAs with novel tumorigenic and tumour-suppressive functions. Eytan moved into science publishing and joined Nature Protocols in January 2013. He has been part of the Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology team since 2014.
Eytan is primarily responsible for the areas of gene expression, nucleic acid metabolism, chromatin and chromosome biology, and nuclear organization, as well as for technologies and techniques.
Eytan is based in the Berlin office, Germany.

Senior Editor: Paulina Strzyz, Ph.D. ORCiD

Paulina Strzyz carried out her Ph.D. at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany, under the supervision of Dr Caren Norden, investigating cell proliferation in pseudostratified epithelia using the zebrafish retinal neuroepithelium as a model system. She then performed postdoctoral research, studying centrosome amplification in zebrafish epithelia. Paulina joined Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology in 2015.
Paulina is primarily responsible for the areas of cell signalling, cytoskeletal dynamics, cell adhesion and migration, cell death, autophagy and membrane dynamics.
Paulina is based in the London office, UK.