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Volume 19 Issue 6, June 2020

Peptide therapeutics targeting GPCRs, inspired by the Review on p389.

Cover design: Susanne Harris.


  • Cloud-based systems for data submitted by sponsors to drug regulatory agencies have the potential to accelerate drug development, streamline regulatory review and enhance regulatory decision-making. Here, we provide a vision for integrating cloud-enabled practices in drug regulation globally.

    • Andrew S. Robertson
    • Hilary Malone
    • Max Wegner


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  • Many G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) have endogenous peptide agonists, and modifying the sequence of these peptides has led to some successful therapeutics. In this Review, Davenport and colleagues discuss strategies to generate effective GPCR-targeted peptide therapeutics by introducing chemical novelty, extending plasma half-life, improving a therapeutic’s drug-like properties or generating biased ligands. These approaches could overcome some of the challenges in developing peptide therapeutics.

    • Anthony P. Davenport
    • Conor C. G. Scully
    • Janet J. Maguire
    Review Article
  • Communities of structural, metabolic and signalling proteins modulate downstream effects that result in differences in efficacy, adverse effects and resistance to therapy. This Review discusses how proteomic technologies are expanding our understanding of protein communities and of their responses to therapeutics.

    • Hanna G. Budayeva
    • Donald S. Kirkpatrick
    Review Article
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