October issue

This month we look at topological frequency combs, we review the physics of higher-order interactions in complex systems, and we consider the changing funding landscape of nuclear fusion.


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    • Molecular spin qubits that can be controlled electrically are typically susceptible to decoherence. Holmium molecular spins provide a solution by combining robust coherence with strong spin–electric coupling.

      • Roberta Sessoli
      News & Views
    • At high pressure and temperature, water forms two crystalline phases, known as hot ‘black’ ices due to their partial opaqueness. A detailed characterization of these phases may explain magnetic field formation in giant icy planets like Neptune.

      • Simone Anzellini
      News & Views
    • Integrating quantum technology with existing telecom infrastructure is hampered by a mismatch in operating frequencies. An optomechanical resonator now offers a strain-mediated spin–photon interface for long-distance quantum networks.

      • Lilian Childress
      • Jack Sankey
      News & Views
    • A microscopy technique allows the identification of parameters in a paradigmatic model of condensed-matter physics.

      • Isabel Guillamón
      News & Views
European Strategy for Particle Physics

European Strategy for Particle Physics

The European Strategy for Particle Physics is the decision-making process underpinning the long-term future of particle physics in Europe. This Focus issue outlines the main proposals under consideration for the 2020 update to the strategy.

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