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Volume 17 Issue 9, September 2022

Mapping RNA modifications with nanopore

This artistic representation depicts direct single molecule identification of major RNA epigenetic modifications using a phenylboronic acid modified Mycobacterium smegmatis porin A nanopore. This highly engineered nanopore demonstrates an outstanding resolution, suitable for sensing of a large variety of nucleoside or nucleotide derivatives simultaneously.

IMAGE: Shuo Huang, Nanjing University. COVER DESIGN: Amie Fernandez


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News & Views

  • A series of emergent electronic orders are observed in an antiparallel twisted WSe2 bilayer. The discoveries provide a powerful platform for simulating quantum phenomena in strongly correlated materials.

    • Dongyang Yang
    • Ziliang Ye
    News & Views
  • Heterostructure of graphene and biaxial van der Waals crystal supports a species of plasmon-phonon-polaritons whose isofrequency dispersion contour can be manipulated while experiencing a topological transition.

    • Sergey G. Menabde
    • Min Seok Jang
    News & Views
  • A clever phononic crystal design produces a wide band gap for hypersonic phonons.

    • Ilari J. Maasilta
    News & Views
  • A ‘dual-ligand passivation system’ is designed and synthesized to functionalize colloidal quantum dots to realize ultra-high resolution patterns by direct photolithography.

    • Junpeng Fan
    • Lei Qian
    News & Views
  • Delivering light therapy using a remotely controlled bioelectronic device implanted above the brain might complement current glioblastoma therapies, reducing cancer recurrence and improving survival.

    • John S. Ho
    • Yong Zhang
    News & Views
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