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Volume 17 Issue 1, January 2022

Nanotubes bridge cancer and immune cells

The image is an artistic representation depicting cancer cells physically connecting to T cells through nanotubes. Cancer cells harvest mitochondria from T cells. Inhibiting this mechanism can augment the immune response against cancer cells.

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IMAGE: Ella Marushenko and Kate Zvorykina (Ella Maru Studio) COVER DESIGN: Lauren Heslop.

News & Views

  • Supramolecular arrangement of proteins provides nanoparticles with neutrophil tropism via complement opsonization during an acute inflammation, enabling diagnosis and treatment of acute lung injury.

    • Jeonghwan Kim
    • Gaurav Sahay
    News & Views


  • Nanotube-mediated acquisition of immune cells’ mitochondria by tumour cells is a novel mechanism for immune evasion that can be pharmacologically targeted to potentiate cancer immunotherapies.

    • Jeremy G. Baldwin
    • Luca Gattinoni
    News & Views
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Review Articles

  • This Review discusses the progresses in label-free nanophotonic biosensors based on photonic or dielectric surfaces and metasurfaces and highlights the challenges and benefits of their applications in the fields of public health, well-being and biosafety.

    • Hatice Altug
    • Sang-Hyun Oh
    • Jiří Homola
    Review Article
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