Volume 15 Issue 4, April 2018

Volume 15 Issue 4

On the cover: a cellular model learned by an artificial neural network. Cover design by Erin Dewalt, based on a concept by Jianzhu Ma, Samson Fong, Michael Yu and Trey Ideker. p290


  • Editorial |

    There was insufficient data to support the claim of unexpected off-target effects due to CRISPR in a paper published in Nature Methods. More work is needed to determine whether such events occur in vivo.

This Month

  • This Month |

    Comparing single-cell trajectories with a new tool and what happens when aversion turns into love.

    • Vivien Marx
  • This Month |

    Statistics draws population inferences from a sample, and machine learning finds generalizable predictive patterns.

    • Danilo Bzdok
    • , Naomi Altman
    •  & Martin Krzywinski


Research Highlights

  • Research Highlights |

    SUSHI is a new method for imaging the extracellular space with high resolution in living brain tissue to reveal insights into the structure and dynamics of the extracellular space.

    • Christian Schnell
  • Research Highlights |

    Upconversion nanoparticles can serve as intermediaries to illuminate optogenetic tools in the mouse brain.

    • Nina Vogt
  • Research Highlights |

    A combination of heat denaturation and mass spectrometry is applied to monitor protein-complex dynamics in the cell.

    • Allison Doerr

Methods in Brief

Tools in Brief

Research Highlights

Technology Feature

News & Views

  • News & Views |

    An interpretable, deep neural network produces mechanistic hypotheses on how genetic interactions contribute to whole-cell phenotypes.

    • Kristin Branson


Brief Communication

  • Brief Communication |

    CRISPR-based single-cell pooled screens that use linked barcodes suffer from lost sensitivity due to lentiviral template switching. The barcode-free CROP-seq design circumvents this problem.

    • Andrew J Hill
    • , José L McFaline-Figueroa
    • , Lea M Starita
    • , Molly J Gasperini
    • , Kenneth A Matreyek
    • , Jonathan Packer
    • , Dana Jackson
    • , Jay Shendure
    •  & Cole Trapnell
  • Brief Communication |

    isHCR allows multiplexed, sensitive detection of immunostained proteins in cultured cells, as well as in dense and cleared tissue.

    • Rui Lin
    • , Qiru Feng
    • , Peng Li
    • , Ping Zhou
    • , Ruiyu Wang
    • , Zhe Liu
    • , Zhiqiang Wang
    • , Xiangbing Qi
    • , Nan Tang
    • , Feng Shao
    •  & Minmin Luo
  • Brief Communication |

    The iSAFE software accurately identifies the favored mutation within a positive selective sweep region of the genome.

    • Ali Akbari
    • , Joseph J Vitti
    • , Arya Iranmehr
    • , Mehrdad Bakhtiari
    • , Pardis C Sabeti
    • , Siavash Mirarab
    •  & Vineet Bafna


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