• Crowded environment within a cell.

    In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Protein Data Bank, Nature Methods and Nature Structural & Molecular Biology present a collection that brings together reviews, classic papers, announcements and specially commissioned Comments by researchers from diverse areas of structural biology who share their views on both the past and future of the field.

  • Kat Gaus

    This post is a collection of remembrances to celebrate the life and scientific career of Prof. Kat Gaus of UNSW Sydney.

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  • Photonic resonator interferometric scattering microscopy offers label-free imaging of biomolecules in vitro with improved signal-to-noise ratio.

    • Rita Strack
    Research Highlight
  • The Protein Data Bank (PDB) is the primary data resource for structural biology. On its 50th anniversary, we celebrate the future of this ever-growing field.

  • Polymer physics, comparing ways to assess chromatin structure and taking in tales at the Italian seaside.

    • Vivien Marx
    This Month

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