Volume 4 Issue 7, July 2005

Volume 4 Issue 7

Triple networks of liquid crystals.

Cover design by Karen Moore



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    The development of both the physical and aesthetic properties of materials used to be a collaboration between the arts and the sciences. The potential rewards of reviving such a vibrant culture are great, and would benefit both the creative arts and materials science.

    • Mark Miodownik

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    An effective route to investigate complex periodic motifs in liquid crystals reveals that molecular packing alone can result in a tricontinuous network of channels separated by two periodic surfaces.

    • Robert Holyst
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    Large arrays of vertical laser sources need to emit a coherent output of light. This can be achieved through photonic crystals that mediate the interaction between the lasers in the array.

    • Jeremy Witzens
    •  & Axel Scherer
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    Most of the outstanding properties of carbon nanotubes rely on them being almost atomically perfect, but the amount of imperfections, and the effect that they have on the tube properties, has, to date, been poorly understood. New work shows that even a very low concentration of missing atom-pairs in the nanotubes has a large effect on their electrical conductance.

    • Kai Nordlund
    •  & Pertti Hakonen

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