Volume 4 Issue 5, May 2005

Volume 4 Issue 5

Tensioned cracks in a surface–oxidized silicon rubber slab support cell spreading.

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    Colloidal crystals assembled on the surface of a spherical water droplet contain 'scars', a macroscopic equivalent of conventional grain boundaries. Direct observation of these grain-boundary scars provides a new way of studying dislocation dynamics

    • Xinsheng Sean Ling
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    Genetic algorithms prove useful to distil a complex quantum mechanical calculation of interatomic interactions down to its simplest mathematical expression. This makes it possible to predict the structure of new compounds from first principles.

    • Axel van de Walle
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    The properties of most materials are intimately connected to the way in which they are ordered on the atomic scale. A new study suggests that in materials made from the regular three-dimensional arrangement of discrete nanocrystals, control of order and periodicity could be exploited at a whole new level.

    • Mathias Brust