Volume 3 Issue 4, April 2004

Volume 3 Issue 4

Fullerenoid oxides based on a framework of Al84 spheres

Cover design by Karen Moore



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    New legislation has been passed in an attempt to minimize industrial waste and promote recycling. What does this mean for materials science?

    • Jonathan Linton
    •  & Julian Scott Yeomans

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    Two reports of ferromagnetism in n-type semiconductors suggest promising avenues for fabricating spintronics devices compatible with current silicon-based electronics.

    • Steve Pearton
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    A face-centred-cubic lattice is a common structure, but one in which the constituent elements are spheres made of concentric layers of aluminium, strontium, bismuth and oxygen atoms is an unexpected discovery with unique potential.

    • Gérard Férey
  • News & Views |

    The emergence of nanoscale features — such as magnetic and electronic patterns — in materials that are otherwise homogeneous provides a potential alternative to conventional top-down and bottom-up fabrication techniques. The way these features arise in manganite crystals is contentious, but could be explained using elasticity theory.

    • Neil Mathur
    •  & Peter Littlewood
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    Vesicles for drug delivery should ideally be robust and able to release their cargo at the desired moment. A new type of vesicle, made of block copolypeptides, has exactly these characteristics.

    • Richard A. L. Jones
  • Materials Witness