Volume 33 Issue 2, February 2003

Volume 33 Issue 2

Cover art: Photographer: Nicole Fournier Location: Manhattan, New York, USA


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    A new study shows that cellular mRNAs can be organized and exported from the nucleus as functionally related groups by RNA-binding proteins, possibly corresponding to specific gene-expression networks activated by transcription factors. The combinatorial assortment of mRNAs as functional subsets has the potential to generate a variety of complex phenotypes from a modest number of genes.

    • Jack D. Keene
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    The focus of research on polycystic kidney disease (PKD) has recently shifted to the primary cilia of renal epithelial cells. A new study shows that the protein products of the genes mutated in PKD mediate mechanosensory calcium mobilization, suggesting that a disruption of fluid-flow sensing triggers abnormal cell proliferation and cyst growth.

    • James P. Calvet
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    As the caps of chromosomes, telomeres are essential for genome integrity and stability. A highly accurate method for measuring the length of a single human telomere has been developed and reveals previously unrecognized variation in telomere length.

    • John M. Sedivy
    • , Dorothy E. Shippen
    •  & Eugene V. Shakirov
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    Dyskeratosis congenita is a rare but fatal syndrome characterized by bone marrow failure. A new mouse model informs the ongoing debate on its molecular pathogenesis.

    • U. Thomas Meier


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