Published online 30 April 2008 | 453, 15 (2008) | doi:10.1038/453015e

News in Brief

Creationists fail in bid to offer 'science' degrees

A religious group has had its application to offer Master of Science degrees rejected by Texas authorities.

The Institute for Creation Research — which backs a literal interpretation of the Bible, including the creation of Earth in six days — was seeking a certificate to grant online degrees in science education in Texas (see <i>Nature</i> <b>451,</b> 1030; 2008). But the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board voted unanimously last week not to grant the institute's request, following the recommendation of Raymund Paredes, the state's commissioner of higher education.

“Religious belief is not science,” Paredes said in his recommendation. “Science and religious belief are surely reconcilable, but they are not the same thing.”

The institute has 45 days to appeal or 180 days to reapply. 

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