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Volume 37 Issue 8, August 2019

Volume 37 Issue 8

Potent siRNA silencing in the brain

High-resolution image of the primate dentate gyrus, a structure in the hippocampus, showing neurons (green), glia (purple), cell nuclei (blue) and divalent siRNAs (Di-siRNA, red). Alterman et al. demonstrate that Di-siRNAs distribute broadly in the brains of mice and non-human primates and enable potent and persistent gene silencing.

See Alterman et al.

Image: Chantal Ferguson. Cover Design: Erin Dewalt.


  • Editorial |

    Heavy-handed targeting of ethnic Chinese researchers, students and investors by US funding, intelligence and immigration agencies poses a threat to the American life-sciences sector.




  • Comment |

    To take full advantage of deep-learning solutions in healthcare, the United States and China should collaborate, not compete.

    • Eric Topol
    • Kai-Fu Lee



  • Patents |

    Deep patent portfolios help drugmakers block market entry by potential biosimilars, but many biologic patents logically cannot be valid barriers to competitive entry.

    • W. Nicholson Price II
    • Arti K. Rai
  • Patents |

    Recent patents related to xenografts, tissue repair and prevention of xenotransplant rejection.

News & Views

  • News & Views |

    Algorithms for building a variant-aware human graph genome enable fast and accurate genotyping without huge memory requirements.

    • Adam Ameur


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Careers & Recruitment

    Career Feature

  • Career Feature |

    A quarterly snapshot of job expansions, reductions and availability in the biotech and pharma sectors.

    • Michael Francisco
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    A sample of goings-on in and around the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.


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