Volume 473 Issue 7348, 26 May 2011

A suite of News Features, Comment pieces and research papers in this issue focuses on vaccines and vaccination. In a Perspective , Rino Rappuoli and Alan Aderem present a vision for 2020, by which time rationally designed vaccines should be capable of tackling the triple problem of HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. In Comment, Julie Leask asks how a greater acceptance of vaccination can be achieved in developed societies (page 443), and Heidi Larson and Isaac Ghinai outline the lessons to be learned from the long battle against polio in the developing world (page 446). In News Features, Roberta Kwok examines recent vaccine safety problems (page 436) and Corie Lok profiles immunologist Bruce Walker and his attempts to overhaul the field of HIV vaccines (page 439). Cover illustration: Serge Bloch.

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    Researchers drawn by 'mega-grants' find rewards and frustrations in equal measure.

    • Quirin Schiermeier
  • News |

    Critics call for restructuring of world health body, together with greater focus on fewer issues.

    • Declan Butler
  • News Features

  • News Feature |

    Vaccination campaigns against measles have had dramatic results — but eradicating the disease is still a distant prospect.





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