Nature 44, 469-469 (17 September 1891) | doi:10.1038/044469a0

Morley Memorial College



YOUR readers may be interested in hearing of a successful attempt to add another round to the ladder, described by Prof. Huxley, extending “from the gutter to the University.” Some supporters of the Morley Memorial College for Working Men and Women, in the Waterloo Road, last year read an account in your pages of the arrangements made by the University Extension Society for some of its students to spend a month at Cambridge during the vacation. They resolved to offer scholarships to those who took the best places in the Christmas and Easter examinations in connection with Mr. McClure’s astronomy class, whereby they might avail themselves of these arrangements. This, thanks to Dr. Roberts’s kind co-operation, was successfully accomplished. Three students went to Cambridge, the most successful in a class all of whom did well. A plumber and a printer’s reader went to Selwyn College, an elementary schoolmistress to Newnham. Two were able to take advantage of the whole month; the third (being a family man) could only spare a fortnight from his work, but all speak warmly of the pleasure and profit they have derived. The following are some extracts from their letters.