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Volume 4 Issue 1, January 2021

Volume 4 Issue 1

Carbon trade-offs of animal agriculture

Producing meat requires more land than plants, which could be restored into ecosystems that capture carbon. Hayek and colleagues quantify the carbon opportunity cost of extensive meat production and find that shifting to plant-based diets would capture a CO2 amount that remarkably contributes to the 1.5 °C climate change target.

See Hayek et al.

Image: Dmitrii Melnikov / Alamy Stock Photo. Cover design: Valentina Monaco.


Comment & Opinion

  • Comment |

    China’s decision to ban the trade and consumption of terrestrial wild animals, while controversial, is a viable response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The ban has implications that extend beyond safeguarding human health to also help combat illegal wildlife trade and protect threatened species.

    • Lian Pin Koh
    • Yuhan Li
    • Janice Ser Huay Lee
  • Comment |

    The COVID-19 outbreak has stimulated calls for a global wildlife trade ban. Such actions may only partially curb pandemic risk while negatively affecting people who depend on wildlife. More worryingly, they may provide cover for inaction on issues that would make a true difference in preventing future pandemics.

    • Dilys Roe
    • Tien Ming Lee

News & Views

  • News & Views |

    Construction along coasts and offshore is accelerating. A new study estimates the extent of different developments and their wider influence and forecasts their expansion.

    • Stephen J. Hawkins
    • Louise B. Firth
    • Ally J. Evans


  • Review Article |

    Fungi-derived material can substitute for leather. This Review synthesizes information on this process and its environmental and ethical benefits.

    • Mitchell Jones
    • Antoni Gandia
    • Alexander Bismarck


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