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Nature Italy reports on Italian research and the Italian science community. Read now in English or Italian. 


  • Female researcher looks at laptop

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  • Italian researchers find two molecules that can bind to a receptor in human cells and stop SARS-CoV-2 from entering them

    • Maria Cristina Valsecchi
    Research Highlight
  • Ricercatori italiani individuano due molecole capaci di legarsi a un recettore nelle cellule umane e impedire alla SARS-CoV-2 di entrarvi.

    • Maria Cristina Valsecchi
    Research Highlight
  • Di fronte alla diminuzione delle opportunità nel mondo accademico, molti scienziati italiani vedono negli spin-off un'alternativa attraente. Ma il passaggio è difficile.

    • Francesco Suman
    News Feature
  • A new version of the famous 1952 Miller-Urey experiment suggests that the glass of the flask may have been a key ingredient for its chemical reactions.

    • Andrea Gentile
    Research Highlight
  • A study focuses on the brain areas underpinning the awareness of tactile perception, which is often damaged by stroke.

    • Anna Napolitano
    Research Highlight