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Volume 2 Issue 6, June 2018

Phenological mismatch

Pied flycatcher with caterpillar prey to feed young. Trends in spatial and temporal mismatch between trees, caterpillars and birds in the UK show delayed phenology of all species with increasing latitude, and little spatial variation in the magnitude of mismatch between caterpillars and birds.

See Burgess et al.

Image: Tom Wallis. Cover Design: Allen Beattie.


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Comment & Opinion

  • Regulations designed to prevent global inequalities in the use of genetic resources apply to both commercial and non-commercial research. Conflating the two may have unintended consequences for collaboration between the Global North and biodiverse countries in the Global South, which may promote global injustice rather than mitigate it.

    • Anna Deplazes-Zemp
    • Samuel Abiven
    • Florian Altermatt
  • European governments are poised to ban neonicotinoid pesticides. Insights from six years as a senior government advisor have led me to conclude that agricultural reform is urgently needed, beyond cycles of pesticide licensing and withdrawal.

    • Ian L. Boyd
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News & Views

  • Craniofacial modelling illustrates the lack of a biomechanical function for the hominin browridge and points to a potential role in social communication.

    • Markus Bastir


    News & Views
  • New dates for Spanish rock art open up the possibility that Neanderthals were artists, but further evidence is required before we can be certain.

    • David G. Pearce
    • Adelphine Bonneau
    News & Views
  • New details of the social and sex lives of platypodine ambrosia beetles support a controversial link between parental monogamy and complex animal societies.

    • Nicholas G. Davies
    News & Views
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  • Virtual manipulation of the archaic hominin specimen Kabwe 1’s browridge and biting simulations reveal a limited spatial and biomechanical role, opening up the possibility that the hominin supraorbital region was co-opted for social signalling after facial reduction and morphological changes in the frontal bone.

    • Ricardo Miguel Godinho
    • Penny Spikins
    • Paul O’Higgins
    Article Open Access
  • Using a spatially explicit mechanistic model, the authors show that the distribution of all terrestrial bird species across the world is driven by an optimal balance between energy acquisition and energy expenditure.

    • Marius Somveille
    • Ana S. L. Rodrigues
    • Andrea Manica
  • Most work on phenological mismatch has focused on temporal trends only. Here, the authors analyse trends in spatial and temporal mismatch between trees, caterpillars and birds in the UK, and find delayed phenology of all species with increasing latitude and little spatial variation in the magnitude of mismatch between caterpillars and birds.

    • Malcolm D. Burgess
    • Ken W. Smith
    • Albert B. Phillimore
  • Invasion of novel environments by the perennial sunflower Helianthus tuberosus is facilitated by a plastic response of clonality to water availability, in line with the theory of genetic accommodation.

    • Dan G. Bock
    • Michael B. Kantar
    • Loren H. Rieseberg
  • Fitness landscapes describe the fitness of each genotype in a given environment. Here, the authors determine fitness landscapes of a yeast tRNA gene in four environments and show simple genotype-by-environment patterns that can easily be extrapolated to a new environment.

    • Chuan Li
    • Jianzhi Zhang
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