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Volume 1 Issue 7, July 2017


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Comment & Opinion

  • Similarities in planning, development and culture within urban areas may lead to the convergence of ecological processes on continental scales. Transdisciplinary, multi-scale research is now needed to understand and predict the impact of human-dominated landscapes on ecosystem structure and function.

    • Peter M. Groffman
    • Meghan Avolio
    • Tara L. E. Trammell
  • In 2018 technologies on the International Space Station will provide 1 year of synchronous observations of ecosystem composition, structure and function. We discuss these instruments and how they can be used to constrain global models and improve our understanding of the current state of terrestrial ecosystems. Author Correction (05 September 2017)

    • E. Natasha Stavros
    • David Schimel
    • Paul Wennberg
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News & Views

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