Volume 1 Issue 2 February 2017

Volume 1 Issue 2

Machine learning in healthcare

This focus issue highlights the accelerating power of machine learning (Editorial) in diagnosing rare disease (Article, News & Views), classifying brain tumours (Article, News & Views), and categorizing the activity of spinal motor neurons (Article, News & Views).

The cover illustrates the concept of a cloud-based multihospital collaboration platform powered by artificial intelligence (Article, News & Views).

Image by Haotian Lin


News & Views


  • Perspective |

    Drawing from recent successes in cancer immunotherapy, this Perspective discusses that effective cancer-nanomedicine therapies can be designed to prime antitumour immunity far from the site of disease.

    • Wen Jiang
    • , Christina A. von Roemeling
    • , Yuanxin Chen
    • , Yaqing Qie
    • , Xiujie Liu
    • , Jianzhu Chen
    •  & Betty Y. S. Kim