Implanted biomaterials


Editorial | 13 June 2017

Long-lived biomaterials

The design of implantable biomaterials with lasting function is rooted in biomolecular and cellular principles.

News & Views

News and Views | 10 January 2017

Implanted biomaterials: Dissecting fibrosis

Intravital microscopy reveals how giant cells and neovascularization drive the fibrotic encapsulation of biomaterials implanted in live animals.

Roberto Weigert

News and Views | 13 June 2017

Drug delivery: Week-long diabetes therapy

A subcutaneous depot of a diabetes drug fused to a thermosensitive biopolymer leads to blood-glucose control, for over one week after a single injection, in animal models of type-2 diabetes.

Omid Veiseh

News and Views | 13 June 2017

Joint implants: An elution solution

An optimized drug-eluting polymer for the surface of articulating artificial joints may make them infection-free.

Noreen J. Hickok

News and Views | 13 June 2017

Implanted scaffolds: Pre-ordered vessels halt ischaemia​

Implanted scaffolds bearing 3D-printed parallel endothelialized channels restore blood perfusion in ischaemic hind limbs and infarcted hearts in rodents.

Shahar Ben-Shaul, Shira Landau and Shulamit Levenberg

News and Views | 13 June 2017

Implanted biomaterials: Neutrophil-mediated vascularization

The recruitment of neutrophils is indispensable for the formation of functional blood vessels in bioengineered grafts.

Cédric Seignez and Mia Phillipson


Article | 19 December 2016

Examination of the foreign body response to biomaterials by nonlinear intravital microscopy​

Mediated by neovascularization, macrophages and giant cells drive the fibrotic encapsulation of implanted porous polymer scaffolds, as revealed by nonlinear intravital three-dimensional microscopy.

Eleonora Dondossola, Boris M. Holzapfel […] & Peter Friedl

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Article | 09 March 2017

Fast-forming hydrogel with ultralow polymeric content as an artificial vitreous body

A hydrogel made of crosslinked clusters of highly branched polymers that has ultralow swelling pressure and that forms in 10 minutes despite its low polymer content functions as an artificial vitreous body for over one year without inducing adverse effects.

Kaori Hayashi, Fumiki Okamoto […] & Takamasa Sakai

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Article | 05 June 2017

One-week glucose control via zero-order release kinetics from an injectable depot of glucagon-like peptide-1 fused to a thermosensitive biopolymer

An optimized formulation of glucagon-like peptide-1 recombinantly fused to an elastin-like polypeptide leads to zero-order release kinetics from a subcutaneous depot and to 10 days of glycaemic control in three mouse models of diabetes.

Kelli M. Luginbuhl, Jeffrey L. Schaal […] & Ashutosh Chilkoti

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Article | 13 June 2017

A fully functional drug-eluting joint implant

In a rabbit model of prosthetic joint infection, optimization of the shape and loading of antibiotic clusters in a polymer implant augments and prolongs antibiotic elution while maintaining implant strength and wear rate.

V. J. Suhardi, D. A. Bichara […] & E. Oral

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Article | 13 June 2017

3D-printed vascular networks direct therapeutic angiogenesis in ischaemia​

3D-printed grafts with geometrically designed and endothelialized vasculature rescue the perfusion of distal tissues in rodent models of hind limb ischaemia and myocardial infarction, preventing capillary loss, muscle atrophy and loss of function.

T. Mirabella, J. W. MacArthur […] & C. S. Chen

Article | 13 June 2017

Host non-inflammatory neutrophils mediate the engraftment of bioengineered vascular networks

A comparison of the in vivo engraftment of scaffolds containing either an unassembled suspension of human vascular cells or an assembled network of them shows that non-inflammatory host neutrophils are indispensable mediators of vascularization.

Ruei-Zeng Lin, Chin Nien Lee […] & Juan M. Melero-Martin

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