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Limited global contraction of planet Mercury

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    | Open Access

    Water levels in inland seas and lakes globally will drop, often dramatically, over the 21st century in response to climate change. Based on the case of the Caspian Sea, we argue for a concerted campaign to raise awareness of threats to people, biodiversity and geopolitical stability.

    • Matthias Prange
    • , Thomas Wilke
    •  & Frank P. Wesselingh
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    | Open Access

    Responses to the COVID-19 emergency have exposed break-points at the interface of science, media, and policy. We summarize five lessons that should be heeded if climate change ever enters a state of emergency perceived to warrant stratospheric aerosol injection.

    • Holly Buck
    • , Oliver Geden
    • , Masahiro Sugiyama
    •  & Olaf Corry
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