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The future of medicine

Modern medicine is affording people longer and healthier lives. But researchers want to take improvements in health even further. With advances in gene editing, technology to overcome paralysis and efforts to address high drug costs, the future of medicine is bright.

This Nature Outlook is editorially independent. It is produced with third party financial support. About this content.

This Nature Outlook is editorially independent, produced with financial support from a third party. About this content.

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Modern medicine has brought huge health benefits. Now researchers want to go further.

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A more tolerant immune system could alleviate, or even prevent, autoimmune disorders such as type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis, as well as the rejection of transplanted organs.

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A one-off injection to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease is now a prospect thanks to advances in gene editing.

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Magistral drug preparation offers a model to circumvent many of the technological, regulatory and financial challenges that prevent provision of the right drug at the right time to the right patient.

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Diener et al. synthesize findings from psychology and economics on subjective well-being across cultures and identify outstanding questions, priorities for future research and pathways to policy implementation.

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